Corner Grill Wuye Abuja Nigeria’ The Best Shawarma Recipe Near You

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Corner Grill is a comfortable, inviting restaurant designed to make our customers feel at home. Located in the heart of Wuye, Abuja Nigeria,  the energy and atmosphere of the restaurant is high, and draws some of its power from the dazzling, attentive and courteous service provided by our floor staff who prepare indescribably delicious Chicken & Beef Shawarma Recipe and other entrees caringly prepared by our motivated kitchen team.

Corner Grill Wuye Abuja Nigeria' The Best Shawarma Recipe Near You

Each day that we are open, our managers are on duty. They carefully orchestrate the proper execution of the kitchen, so that all food comes out prepared perfectly and they also facilitate outstanding customer service and satisfaction. Our staffs are extremely high profile, taking the time to greet every customer at some point in their stay. Our customer service policy is simple: All customers must leave happy about our service and food!

The restaurant hours are: Monday-Saturday 11:00 am-9:00 pm;  Sunday 1:00 pm-9:00 pm.

Corner  Grill offers chicken & beef shawarma recipe and other foods that are prepared with an irresistible combination of flavors and spices. No one else in Abuja Nigeria serves shawarma recipe as delicious as ours.

Abuja Nigeria The Best Shawarma Recipe:  Menu and Service Description

Chicken Shawarma Recipe: N1000

Our Chicken Shawarma Recipe is filled with chicken strips, veggies and our delicious sauce.

Corner Grill Wuye Abuja Nigeria' The Best Shawarma Recipe Near You

Abuja Nigeria The Best Shawarma Recipe: Beef Shawarma Recipe N800

Our Beef Shawarma Recipe is filled with our in house sauce.

Corner Grill Wuye Abuja Nigeria' The Best Shawarma Recipe Near You

Abuja Nigeria The Best Shawarma Recipe: Combo Shawarma Recipe N1500

Our Combo Shawarma Recipe is a double dose of our delicious shawarma, a combination of beef & chicken.

Abuja Nigeria The Best Shawarma Recipe: Chinese Fried Rice N1000

Our Chinese fried rice is made with Rice, Sweet Corn, Carrots, Chicken & Egg.

Chicken Wings: (6 pieces) N1000, (12 pieces) N1500

Our Chicken Wings is made with our in house source.

Jollof Rice: N800

Our delicious Jollof Rice comes with peppered beef.

Chicken and Egg Salad: N600

Eat healthy with our delicious imaginative salads and dressing.

Corner Grill Noodles: N500

Our fry Noodles with veggies and protien.



From Salmahxoeats


I like this idea where you can see the shed where meals would be prepared and served out of, and just before the shed, there’s a fire pit where various protein would be grilled and served to diners.   I also like the added feature for the people dining to see how things work. P.S how beautiful is that lurking sunset? •

I look forward to seeing how the dining space turns out. Lots of possibilities, so lets see how they plan to go about it.

Service is be spot on. The manager and his employees were welcoming and polite.

Chicken Wings – N1000
Apparently the wings are a bestseller! I was excited to try them cause WINGGSS! Unfortunately, my wings were a bit too salty, but it was cooked properly and super spicy! I’d like to try them again, without the extra salt. •

Chicken Shawarma – N1200
Just like the wings, this is another bestseller according to the Manager. It was nice as there was a good ratio between the chicken and veggies. The sauce was also good, not too much to make everything squishy which ends in a messy situation 🤦🏾‍♀️.



Chicken Fillet x Chips x Salad
I liked the chicken fillet. It was a tad bit too thin x dry, but the marinade was spot on. The plate comes with some sauce that’s apparently a signature one. I liked it cause it had the right amount of heat. •

Corner Grill Noodles – N1000
How insane is it that this is all for just 1K? I’m usually weirded out by the idea of mixing chicken and beef, but it paired quite alright. However, I felt there were way too many veggies in the plate. It was more veggies than noodles tbh. I suggested that it be reduced a little so one could actually taste the noodles. Also, presentation could be a lot more better. PS, the egg is an add-on, which I wasn’t really a fan of. •


So residents of Wuye, you don’t need to go all the way for shawarma or grills, there’s a spot for you right next door. I would say that I enjoyed the shawarma the most, so that, I would definitely recommend. Plus notice how affordable the menu is, they even have combo options!

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Corner Grill Wuye Abuja Nigeria’ The Best Shawarma Recipe & Shawarma Roll  Near You

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